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Valentine's Day brought much happiness this year - Aspiring Nursing Student [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Valentine's Day brought much happiness this year [Feb. 22nd, 2007|06:45 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Wednesday night around 7:30pm a little bundle of joy was brought into the world. Evan Thomas Montgomery was born at 7:27pm, he was 6lbs 5oz and 19in long. It was definatly an experience I will never forget. After being in labor for close to 12 hours and not showing any signs of progress my doctor decided to have me go in for a c section. I was scared, really scared, but Isaac was there with me the whole time comforting me and holding my hand. Laying on the table completely numb from the chest down, I had no idea what was happening. Then it seemed like it was out of no where, I heard a little noise and seconds later I was listening to my son cry and looking at him in his father's arms. It was so surreal, I couldn't believe that in a matter of minutes I had become a mother. The minute I held him I fell in love, his sweet little face was there in front of me, I started crying. Now things still haven't changed, I wouldn't have changed a thing, I love being a mother. Yeah i've been tired and a little grouchy but it all goes away when I hold Evan. I have my own family now and I can't believe it, I love every minute of it. Isaac and Evan are the best things that have ever happened to me, I can't wait for everyone back in Indiana to meet my son. 1 week and 3 months to go!

[User Picture]From: hisakatakeishi
2007-02-25 03:49 am (UTC)
Congrats:) He's adorable. Can't wait for you to be back in Indiana so we can go to Karaoke^.^ Take care and try not to stress... take naps when he does^.^
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[User Picture]From: lunawry
2007-02-27 07:25 pm (UTC)
Congrats to you both, hugs to lil Evan who sounds on the small side. :-D

I can't wait to meet him!!!!!!
How am I expected to wait 3 months? I don't know if I can do it!!!!! I neeeeeeeed pictures... now!!!! I need MANY pictures now! It's a good think I'm not rich or I'd be on my way in person!

*still ponders a way to have a road trip sooner*

Take care of yourself and Evan!!!! Or better yet make Isaac take care of you and you can spoil Evan even more!!!!! *grins*

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[User Picture]From: gddssvxn
2007-02-27 09:05 pm (UTC)
Which email address do you use and I'll send you the pictures. We have some I just wasn't sure which one to send them to. I know 3 months seems like forever but we have to fulfill our lease and we can't really travel like that till Evan's at least 3 months old. We'll be staying with my mom temporarily, don't worry you'll have plenty of spoilling time with my son.
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